Interior design, situated at the crossroad between aesthetics and functionality, represents the focal point of our creative process. With each project we aim to discover the underlying beauty of things, spaces and perhaps even that of humans, as end-users of the spaces that we create.

Spatial planning coordinates directly influence the way human activities take place. We believe that necessary human activities will take place regarding of regardless of pre-existing conditions, but on the other hand, social activities need a favorable context in order for them to happen. Seen at the extremes, a space can be perceived as being either tense or relaxed, imposing or welcoming, intimidating or pleasent. Spatial planning can stimulate or discourage communication and human interaction even solely due to furniture layout, color register ori interior lighting tonality and placement.

At the core of each project we place the expectations and hopes of our clients but also the spatial characteristics of the space which will get transformed. From here we take inspiration and build design solutions which will in turn lead to creating an interior design conceptual study.

Our design approach has a strong focus on functional problem solving  which gets complemented by aesthetics and a touch of what makes us human. Our goal  is to design a space full of emotion and personality.